August 2019 - Jan 2020

"blog" (map, photos, and daily stats and notes) of my 5-month 3,926mi rock climbing bicycle tour from Boston, MA to Los Angelos, CA.

Having been raised on the East Coast (Buffalo, Syracuse, Boston), I’ve always wanted to head west and explore the entirety of our country. Being an outdoor enthusiast, I used this as an opportunity to scout the country and decide on a place to move and settle to long term.

There were countless adventures and unexpected surprises, encounters with hungry racoons, skittish bears, and huge longhorn cattle, amazing rock, roads, and scenery, and more kind people than you could imagine.

Map on the left is where I've been so far, click on any segment to see more data.

Hover over some pics for some more caption information on various days.

Scroll all the way down to the google excel chart a daily summary, or even more info in the "pointless data" tab


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